Future Coalition Deployments – Based on market demand, near future deployments will include complete commercial and residential data services covering demographic and other general market information; together with specific cost, vacant land and improved sales, lease and operating data. All public data sources will be integrated geographically to provide both appraisers and clients complete access to all public resources. Additionally, appraiser and client members will be able to access a broad array of analytical and reporting tools to assist them in their day to day activities. Further, founding coalition appraiser members will receive access to various IDCARS service development profiles to provide customized services for their clients. Each appraiser member will be able to create and maintain their own complete, secure commercial and residential databases and can pool their data with other appraiser coalition members for exchange or sale to third parties, thus creating additional recurring revenue opportunities.

Other projects, including real time data analytics and reporting as well as other high value client service profiles will be deployed as the coalition grows to provide them. 

Complete demonstration of the technology is available to all designated appraiser and client members; however, this information is proprietary to the coalition and can only be distributed to coalition members following their registration and acceptance of the coalition technology non-disclosure agreement. Demonstrations of technology to third party non-members must be undertaken only at the request of a coalition designated appraiser member. Any non-member participant in an IDCARS technology demonstration must execute a formal non-disclosure agreement, both corporately and severally and upon receipt of coalition Governing Council approval, the demonstration will be arranged. 

Any member or their clients wishing to obtain additional information pertaining to the technology may request a demonstration by clicking here: