Core Technology - The Designated Appraiser Coalition service system is formed around an extensive array of data management and service interface tools that can be rapidly adapted and deployed to meet the most demanding need of any participant.

Referred to as the Intuitive Data Collection and Reporting System (IDCARS)©, the architecture is formed to provide a complete middleware solution that is capable of quickly integrating diverse data systems into a cohesive environment that can then be structured and distributed in a wide array of formats familiar to each constituent. In other words, secure service systems can be readily designed to meet the most demanding needs of any user.

The IDCARS technology has been tested for years and is now being deployed to develop a National Coalition of Designated Appraisers to provide high level services directly to their clients. The coalition is comprised solely of designated members of the Appraisal Institute® and their clients. All appraiser members and their clients will each receive their own, independent secure service system through which they can interact with one another and administer services directly. The system provides a vehicle through which appraisers and clients can interact with integrity, permitting them to seek information from and provide services to one another in a secure, collaborative, professionally governed, competent, and credible environment.

Any member or their clients wishing to obtain additional information regarding IDCARS© or any other technology we have developed may request a demonstration by clicking below: