DAC Technology – Our proprietary technology is deployed and sponsored by coalition designated appraisal service providers for the exclusive benefit of their clients. It is an intuitive project communication and management system designed to provide complete beginning to end valuation project oversight with full tracking and audit trails available at any point. This simple to use system provides a detailed project needs analysis and information identification process to help clients ensure they are ordering the correct service from the appraiser and the appraiser is receiving all information necessary to complete the engagement.

Clients can select from a broad array of designated appraiser coalition members who are best qualified to serve their needs competently.  Clients can create, maintain and manage appraiser panels within their own secure service system. Meaningful requests for proposals can then be processed and forwarded to client approved panel members for response, proposal and engagement.   Clients can analyze proposals submitted and select the appropriate appraisal services for the project and engage appraisers directly without third party interference.

Appraisers submitting unsuccessful proposals are provided non-compromising analytical information regarding their submissions to enable them to better understand the client’s needs for future proposals. Successful proponents move forward to complete the engagement with full documentation of the project from proposal request to submission of the report, completion acknowledgement, fee collection, and closing of the project for archiving. Complete audit trails are provided to all parties to the agreement.

Additionally, coalition designated appraiser members can leverage their expertise through forming groups to provide aggregated service profiles to larger clients who have diverse property type and geographical challenges. Members acting in concert can solve the challenges facing clients who manage diverse real estate portfolios.

Any member or client may request a technology demonstration by clicking the link below.  Once we receive your request, we will contact you directly to arrange a time and format that will suit your needs.  Welcome to the DAC!