Coalition Appraiser Member Benefits:

As a provider resource, the ValueLynk designated appraiser services system permits providers to submit their credentials for inclusion in the ValueLynk national designated appraiser panel directory. Once qualified, designated appraiser members will be able to:

  • Differentiate the service levels afforded by designated valuation professionals
  • Extend standards and regulatory compliant service offerings to their existing client base
  • Collaborate to extend those same service offerings to a national and international client base
  • Aggregate appraisal services across a wide geographical, property type and service specialty spectrum
  • Contract directly with other designated members to provide customized services to clients
  • Maintain control over the distribution of appraisal reports
  • Collaborate with other top level designated members to provide highest quality studies, papers and industry reports to clients
  • Collaborate to create general and specific data reporting services combined from specific provider resources
  • Link all data resources into a unified platform
  • Contract to purchase external data services, insurance, and other operating services on a combined network basis
  • Collaborate to generate expanded business models from the designated appraiser controlled ValueLynk enterprise (ie., CARDS database; property catalog services, etc.)